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Weather Newsletter Feb 06


1745 Sessums Drive
Redlands, CA  92374
(909) 794-5642

February 23, 2000  

Potomac Airfield 10300 Glen Way
Ft. Washington, MD 20744

Dear David and Gary:  

Just a note to let you know that we are enjoying our new Superunicom. We have had it for about 6 months and want to thank you very much for what is the best thing that has happened at this airport in a long time. It is a first class unit that is easy to install and use, doing everything it promises.

We are ”tickled pink” with it because the assistance it provides pilots 24 hours a day makes flying at Redlands safer and easier. And we certainly enjoy the freedom it gives Redlands Aviation as Unicom operator.  

We have had a very positive response to the Superunicom from all pilots using this airport. In fact, we have not heard one negative remark about our Superunicom. 

Thanks for all your help. Look forward to talking with you soon.  


 Byron Janzen Manager

Providing Services To Business and General Aviation


CAM Aviation, Inc.

Craig A. Musser
340 Proctor Street,
Hangar One
Lock Haven, PA 17745

July 26, 2000

Ms. Elizabeth S. Voras Deputy Secretary for Aviation, Rail Freight, and Ports
PA Department of Transportation Bureau of Aviation
555 Walnut Street, 8” Floor Harrisburg, PA 17101

Ms. Voras:

CAM Aviation, Inc. is a flight school for student pilots. We offer ground school and flight instruction for students to earn their private pilot licenses, instrument rating licenses, and/or their multi-engine licenses. We also work on aircraft for aircraft maintenance. Due to the nature of our business, we were very happy to have the temporary use of the Super UNICOM.

Piper Memorial Airport of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania has been using the Super UNICOM on a trial basis for the past four months. We would greatly appreciate it if the UNICOM could be a permanent fixture here at the airport. It has proved to be a valuable asset to our flying community.

As you may know, many of the local planes flown here are sma11, single-engine aircraft. For the most part, these aircraft do not contain weather equipment or radar. Therefore, the pi1ots and student pilots of these planes currently rely on the airport for surface conditions. During the night hours, however, the absence of this vital information makes even the easiest landing potential1y dangerous. Considering this high risk factor and the geographic location of the airport – a large mountain range parallels one side of the airport and the Susquehanna River is directly in front of one of the runways, the presence of the Super UNICOM has increased safety for our pilots due to its accurate depiction of barometric pressure, wind direction, and local wind shear factors.

More pilots are flying on longer trips because they know that they will have accurate weather conditions upon arrival at Piper Memorial – even during the darker hours of evening and nighttime. We also believe that a higher level of safety at the airport will encourage more business, as local pilots decide to fly more frequently and new students will feel safer while taking their lessons.

Since the Super UNICOM is viewed as such an integral part of this airport facility and the community in order to insure the safe flight of our air traffic, we would like to request the permanent installation of this magnificent piece of equipment at Piper Memorial Airport in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.

Thank-you for your time and consideration in this very important matter.


Craig . Musser CAM Aviation, llc.  Owner/Operator



9255 County Road 140, Salida, CO 81201


Donna L. Myers, Manager
Steven S. Stucko, Assistant Manager
Phone (719) 539-3720 Fax (719) 539-3720

July 14, 2000 

Super Unicom
Potomac Airfield
10300 Glen Way
Fort Washington, MD 20744


We would like to let you know how satisfied we are with our Super Unicom. The Super Unicom has not only provided a higher level of safety, but has also proven to be one of the greatest conveniences for pilots.

Our airport is staffed 7 days a week 8 hours a day. As you can imagine, even while the airport is staffed, personnel are not always available to give airport advisories. The Super Unicom provides them 24/7 without fail, and without the errors associated with human readings and interpretation. One of the greatest benefits for us here in the Colorado Mountains (7,460 MSL) are the density altitude warnings, which are automatically calculated and broadcast.

To say that our pilots use and appreciate the Super unicom is an understatement. A good example of this happened during our annual Open House and Fly-In held July 1st. With the huge amount of traffic generated by the event, the decision was made to deactivate the Super Unicom, and place a full time person on the Unicom to give advisories. Even with the large amount of radio traffic, we had many pilots asking, ”Where is the Super Unicom?” They prefer the Super Unicom to having a ”live” person on the radio. The adaptive technology that adjusts the broadcasts to different volumes of radio traffic works great, so great in fact that judging by pilot response this year, next year we will probably leave it on during our events.

The Super Unicom’s ”intelligent” radio monitoring tailors the broadcasts so that it rarely walks on anyone and adjusts the length of it broadcasts to match radio traffic needs. It also greets pilots while providing usage instructions for pilots that have not yet experienced a Super Unicom. We say yet, because we feel you have a great product, fulfilling a real need, that’s destined to spread to a large number of airports.

Thanks for providing us with a great product, and world-class service,


Donna L. Myers Manager
Steven S. Stucko Assistant Manager