THE PERFECT RADIO CHECK EVERY TIME Pilots can request Radio-Checks with 4 clicks (Selectable by the airport manager).  The system says “Transmit Radio-Check” and then allows you a brief time to transmit your radio-check message.  It then echoes your own radio transmission back to you; you actually hear how your radio transmissions sound to others!  When density altitude is critical, if the frequency is not too busy, the system even tags a high DA warning onto the radio-check, before the pilot takes off.

     PILOT                               "click, click, click, click"

     SUPERAWOS             "Transmit radio check now"

     PILOT                               "Cessna 121, radio check com 1"

     SUPERAWOS              "Cessna 121, radio check com 1"   (pause) "Caution, density altitude 8,500"