AUTOMATED ADVISORY NEVER MISSES A CALL Advisories are provided to pilots within about 10-15 miles of the airport in response to making 3 clicks on the airport's Unicom/CTAF (the number of clicks and range can be adjusted by the airport).

     PILOT                            "click, click, click"

     SUPERAWOS         "Good afternoon, this is XYZ Airfield, automated advisory.  Wind 220 at 12, altimeter 29.92. 
                                              Conditions favor runway 18, right traffic, listen for traffic."

The system is aware of your specific airport’s runways and configuration, Unicom frequency use, and local operating preferences.  It also continuously measures current weather data and balances the relative importance of each bit of information against the level of congestion on the Unicom frequency.  This patented technology ensures that each Advisory contains only the most important information, appropriate to the level of congestion on the Unicom frequency and tailored to your specific airport’s needs.

     SUPERAWOS                "XYZ Airfield, Updated Advisory, wind now 220 at 16, Caution Crosswind, Windshear"